J.M. Adams

Sarah Akhtar

Animals in Distress, Smallthorne

Tony Armstrong

Art Point, Tunstall

B Arts

David Barker

Dave Barratt

Belgrave C. of E. Primary School, Longton

Shirley Bayliss

Nick and Jane Benham

Walter Bernadin

Emma Biggs

Paddy Biggs

Lucy Biggs and Tim Barklem

Steve Birks of thepotteries.org

Helen Brain

Phil Brindley

Families Brandt Pihlstrom and Brandt Vahtola, Finland

Sheila Bynoe

Cancer Research, Congleton

Wendy and Peter Catharine

Matthew Collings

China Search

Dunoon Pottery

Charlie Dutton

Pauline Elkes, and the History Department of the University of Staffordshire

Etruria Industrial Museum

The parents and children of Etruscan Primary School

Sallie Fellowes

Peter Ferneyhough

Erik Floman, Finland

Minna Floman
, Finland

Peter and Tua Floman, Finland

The Friends of the Potteries Museums and Art Gallery

Judith Foster

Katherine House Hospice, Stone

Roy Kirkham, Tunstall

The parents and children of:
Hanley St Luke's Primary School

Philip Hardaker

Bill Harper

Margaret Harrison

Dave Hamer

Paul and Sophie Haswell

Brian Haynes

Carol Hawkins

Helena von Freymann, Finland

Help the Aged, Leek

Helena von Freymann, Finland

Help the Aged, Leek

Helen Holmes

Tessa Hunkin

Annita Gibson

Peter Goodfellow

Hazel and John Cooke, The Graythwaite Guest House, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Helen Ingham of Hi-Artz Letterpress
for her wonderful letterpress work in making the Made in England logo.

Iris's Cats Rescue, Tunstall

Andy Jarvis

Katri Johansson and Eero Meskanen, Finland

Liisa Johansson, Finland

Laura Kemp

Roger Kitchen

Family Koskimies, Finland

Johanna Koskimies, Finland

Satu Koskimies and Jorma Wartiovaara, Finland

Sarah Lightfoot

Tuula Liski, Finland

David Lubich

Douglas Mace

Andy Mackay

Douglas MacMillan, Longton

Mrs Madicott

Gillian Maddock

Jacqui Marshall

Jim Matthews

Luke, Peter and Claudine Matthews

John and Jan McLean

Bernard Meakin

Karim Mazzoni for programming this website.

Pamela Mallalieu, for her support throughout the project.

Mahmood Mirza and the Racial Equality Council

Katherine Mondon

Judith Monks

Peta Murphy-Burke

Catherine Nippe
for print and web design.

Lesley Ollerenshaw

Oxfam, Biddulph

People and Potteries

James Postgate

The Potteries Centre, Hanley

The Potteries Museum

Henrik and Miia Roschier, Finland

The Red Cross,Tunstall

The Red Cross, Biddulph

John Ross

Phil Rowley

The Salvation Army, Biddulph

Jim Salveson

Scope, Leek

Second Chance Charity Shop, Chell Heath

Lorraine Senior

Shelter, Picadilly, Hanley

Bernt and Hanne Savonius, Finland

Imran Shah, Grange Community House

Eveline Shore

Tom Simpson

Susan Smeeton

Anne Charlotte Soderstrom, Finland


Elaine Sutton

Alan Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Julian Teed

Mr and Mrs Thorley

Jo Thorpe

Rosemarie Timmis and Mrs M. Timmis

Philippa Tinsley

Unity, formerly the Ceramic and Allied Trades Union

Mieke Vermulen

Joanna Veevers

Ian Vines

George Walker
for print and web design.

Annette Ward

Andrew, Zoe and Ella Warren

Margaret Weston

Joan Winfield

Pat Wood's House for Cats and Dogs, Leek

Karita and Robert Wiksten, Finland

Migo Wood